Jumat, 12 Agustus 2022



Saat Anies Ajak Para Pejabat Eropa Menjajal Citayam Fashion Week

CFW Fever Hits Big Cities in Indonesia

What happened in Harajuku, Gangnam, and Tiktok is now a new phenomenon in Jakarta. Starting from the spontaneous behavior of the teenagers from the Citayam buffer area, they hung out in the Sudirman-Dukuh Atas area, expressing the culture of young people.

Anies Baswedan, antara Pakaian Adat Jawa dan Seperangkat Gamelan

Anies’ Upbringing in a Javanese Culture Environment

In his daily life at SMAN 2 Yogyakarta, Anies communicated with his friends using 'Ngoko Javanese', the daily and ordinary Javanese language. Meanwhile, to those older people Anies is also fluent using the upper level Kromo Inggil and Kromo smooth of the traditional language.